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New Spanish Immersion Center and iPad Stations ---

"Children learn a language by hearing, using and repeating as part of their play!"

Most HSH Preschool Teachers Speak Spanish.

Program Information
Available Schedules: 3 or 5 Days
Half days: 7:30am – 12:30pm
Full days: 7:30am – 5:30pm
In order for children to fully participate in our program, we ask that they arrive by 9:00am.

Healthy Morning & Afternoon snacks are provided
Parents provide lunch

Potty Learning:
We will assist with toilet learning

Ages Accepted:
The Toddler Discovery Center: 18 months to 3.5 years
The Preschool Program: 3 years to 5 years

Extra Programs:
Music & Movement Program every other Friday
Special Guests 4 times per year. (Petting Zoos, Firefighter visits, Reptile Zoo, Bubble shows, etc.)

Parent Involvement Opportunities:
Scholastic Book Club Coordinator, Parent Meetings, Family Events, Thanksgiving Feast, Pot Luck Dinners, Halloween Festival, Teacher Appreciation Week, Family Picnic.

Parents with any special talents or free time are always welcome

Our Program

In our program we create a balance of indoor and outdoor activities that stimulate a child’s natural interest to explore, create and learn.

Our developmental Preschool Program includes choices from a variety of centers: Art Center, Writing Center, iPad Center, Computer, Building and Block Center, Science & Math Center, Dramatic Play Center, Music & Movement Area, plus a Classroom Library.

Our preschool teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities in all of the preschool centers that follow our children’s interests. These interests typically involve topics that include: their family, recent experiences, fun times, the current season, movies, fun games or all denomination and public holidays.

Our activities are arranged in a manner that will encourage children to: Interact socially with peers, have hands-on learning experiences and develop self-esteem through prepared activities that are kid’s hands on and teacher’s hands off.  It's a wonderful alternative to family home child care or family home daycare, because it integrates social interaction, learning in a facility specifically designed for their exploration.

Our Preschool Facility and Toddler Discovery Center are housed at the same location in two separate buildings. The buildings provide an estimated 3,500 square feet of indoor space, an estimated 5,600 square feet of outdoor play area, plus we have a 20 car parking lot that provide easy drop off and pickup.  On-site parking makes it very convenient to step into the school to see the daily activities experienced during the day and to chat with teachers.  With on-site parking it's easy to stay in touch with teachers, plan events with other parents, and load up at your own pace.

The Preschool Facility yards are equipped with a large commercial play structure, two sand boxes, an outdoor garden, a bicycle track, two play yards, lunch area, outdoor painting, water play tables and basketball court that are surrounded by lushly landscaped yards.

The Toddler Discovery Center yards are equipped with a large play structure, toddler climbing structure, two sand boxes, a bicycle track, water play tables, building block area, outdoor art area and ball play area that are surrounded by lushly landscaped yards.

The indoor Preschool Facility offers a variety of choices for our children: Art Center, a Computer Center, iPad Center, Writing Center, Building and Block Center, Science & Math Center, Dramatic Play Center, and a Classroom Library.

The indoor Toddler Discovery Center offers many centers for the children to discover and learn. We have an: Art Center, Writing Center, Building and Block Center, Music and Movement Room, a Science & Math Center, Dramatic Play Center, and a Classroom Library.

We welcome you to join us for a tour of our preschool facility that is centrally located in convenient Culver City.  Please email us to get information about the next tour date!

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